Powernet Code

I. No member can belong to a competing networking group.

II. Members must attend regularly and may not miss more than 1 meeting per quarter or 2 consecutive meetings without a valid reason.  Must notify an office or board member when not able to attend a meeting.

III. Members must remain current in their dues.  If a member falls more than one quarter behind in their dues they may be prevented from attending meetings or invited to leave the group entirely.

IV.  Any member shall have veto power over the induction of any proposed new member.  Such veto power will be exercised anonymously so that every member can feel comfortable exercising his or her true thoughts on a prospective member and may act in the best interest of the group.

V. Every member must generate at least one valid lead or reference for at least one other member each quarter.

VI. Members shall provide fellow members with a significant discount on their services unless regulations prohibit them from doing so.

VII. Members shall not solicit for any charitable cause at a meeting.

VIII. Multi-level marketing is not permitted.

VIV. If you are a designated speaker and you cannot attend, then it is your responsibility to get a replacement.

X. Members will maintain a professional appearance when attending meetings.